Hands down the funniest ridiculist to date! Hilarious!

Love the Silver Fox!

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    dear anderson cooper. will you be my sassy gay friend? i kind of love you.
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    The ice cream parlor is satan’s snack bar
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    "An ice cream parlor is Satan’s snack bar"
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    OH GOD. :D haha he’s pretty cute for a older guy lol
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    omg two teste. omg LOLOL
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    ”An ice cream parlor is Satan’s snackbar”!! Also, never stop giggling, Anderson. Never. Stop. Giggling.
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    disco—lemonade: I FUCKING LOVE ANDERSON COOPER omg i’m dead
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    I am screaming and crying and laughing and I can’t even control my life because of this video okay
  15. laurenashleyintransit said: Looove me some ac!!
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    If anything just skip to right before 1:13 to hear him say “SAUCY”
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